I have recently stumbled upon a recipe online while trying to figure out a way to make my own aquarium root tabs. As they are quite expensive and I don’t know what’s in them, I decided I’d give it a go.

The recipe is as simple as the theory of it.

We put 5 parts Calcium Montmorillonite Clay with 1 part mixed seaweed. (Brown, Green and Red), add some water until it looks like wet modeling clay. Then you shape them in small balls, and let them dry out.

Calcium Montmorillonite Clay is used as a bounding agent and as a nutrient rich compound. It contains a lot of trace elements and minerals that are valuable to plants. It is naturally found in waterways. It has the added benefit of also leaching in the water collumn. Fishes and inverts will benefit from this as it countains a lot of anti-fungal and anti-parasites. This has been proven through studies.

The mixed seaweed is very rich in Potash, calcium carbonate and Nitrogen.

I have found the recipe here: http://allnaturalpetcare.com/blog/2013/06/11/diy-natural-fertilizer-clay-balls-aquarium-plants-infographic/

The items can also be purchased from the same website, links are available on the recipe page.

Here is a before after picture of my Amazon Sword, following a 10 day lapse.


And 10 days in:

The proof is there, I am sold and will therefore continue using this method of providing good nutrients to my plants!