I am fascinated by life and all that it brings to us.
Its colors, shapes and contrasts are what is the most inspiring to me. I see drawing, painting and aquascaping as a mean to showcase its complexity and simplicity.

I am very liberate in how I create. The pen, the brush, the rocks, the wood and the plants are the ones at work in my world. I let them talk to me, let them guide my moves and show me what they want to become. This is why I think art puts me in a meditative state.

Nothing else exists but this little line I’m drawing. Nothing else exists but this small rock I’m placing. Nothing else exists but this world around me.

Based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Feel free to contact me for any questions, requests, projects…

dviau aquascaping
David Viau – Artist

DViau Aquascaping
David Viau – Artist