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Hello dear people of the earth.

I have been very shy on any website updates in the last few years. I was not too sure what direction I wanted it to take…
Now I’m pretty set on what I want to achieve.
I want this site to become a hub for my Art portfolio, showcase my Aquascaping ventures and sell some prints + paintings on there!

I have been dealing with so much issues in the past couple of years but now I have a goal.
It feels so great to finally be able to focus on something very real.

Earlier this year, I dealt with emotional issues. I have been diagnosed with anxiety issues combined with depression. I am now being treated and feeling much better.
While dealing with these news, I set myself a goal; create a total of 12 paintings in a year, so one for each month. I plan to do this for a long time now. I have already finished 12 paintings for this year, but I have two which are currently in progress. Can’t wait to see how they turn out.

I also have been much more active on social platforms, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram and have been asked by many persons where they could see or purchase my work.. Well, seeing how well received my art was, I decided to open up shop on my own website! Thank you to all of you guys I have started what I hope will become my career one day.

Corporate offices are great temporarily but… I am getting sick of being in a box.
Hell, maybe one day I’ll even start a Twitch channel?!

Peace out!


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